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Content: Comparison of kitchen waste collection systems

Summary of study conducted by the Norwegian Agricultural College


Mould development on food waste in BioBags


BioBags made of biodegradable starch polymers from corn (Mater-Bi) are used to collect food waste in households. Different types of containers for storage of the bags during use are available.

Influence of container design on weight loss, mold and odor development from food waste stored in BioBags, was monitored over a 8 day period. Three different containers for BioBags were included in the study:

Ventilated MaxAir basket with ventilated lid (5.5 litre)

Open ventilated MaxAir basket (5.5 litre)

Closed caddy with lid (10 litre)

The investigation was done for PolarGruppen AS by Jordforsk (Jordforsk-report 05/04).

Ventilation increase weight loss

The percentage weight loss in ventilated MaxAir baskets was six to seven times higher than in the closed caddy. The open ventilated MaxAir basket had the highest weight reduction (20-22% after 8 days).

Mould and odor development

Mould growth appeared earlier and developed faster in the closed caddy than in the ventilated MaxAir baskets. The mould development on the surface of food waste in the closed caddy started after four days. In the open ventilated MaxAir basket, no growth of mould could be seen after six days storage. Mould development was significant in the closed caddy, but did also appear in the ventilated basket with lid.

In the closed caddy strong and unpleasant smell had developed after 6 days. In the ventilated basket with lid, unpleasant smell did not appear until day 8. No unpleasant smell was observed in the open ventilated basket.

Other observations

All BioBags were intact after removal from the pails on day 8. BioBags from closed caddies were wet on the outside. The risk of rupturing the BioBags when removing them from the closed caddies may therefore increase.

A few fruit flees were observed around the ventilated baskets on day 3 and again at day 8 around the open ventilated pail. No maggots were ob-served in the waste.


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