BioBags (Scotland) Ltd. can deliver a large range of biodegradable bags.

In the product range we have focused on supplying biodegradable and compostable bags tailor made for a number of different applications. Our focus has always been to supply products that are "fit for purpose".

All the BioBags are certified biodegradable and compostable according to the European standard for compostable packaging; EN 13432, which is the internationally recognized standard for compostable and biodegradable bags in Europe.

All the BioBag bags are printed with the internationally used CROSS PATTERN and have the COMPOSTABLE PACKAGING LOGO showing that the bags are certified according to EN-13432. The BioBag bags and BioBag liners are therefore easy to recognize and differentiate from ordinary plastic bags and other degradable bags.

Our standard sizes biodegradable and compostable BioBag bags and liners are from 8 litre to 240 litre. The product range includes:

  • BioBag liners for food waste caddies (kitchen caddies)
  • BioBag liners for kitchen bins in various sizes (e.g. Swing Bins)
  • BioBag liners for Office Waste Baskets
  • BioBag liners for Wheelie Bins from 120 Litre to 360 Litre
  • BioBag food waste bags/sacks for large kitchens (strong type).

The standard range biodegradable and compostable BioBags includes a variety of thickness, strengths and durability (a measure of how well they keep integrity filled with compostable organic material) suitable for the intended applications.

Unlike most of our competitors, we can also produce the BioBag in almost any size, shape and strength to order. Special order BioBags can also be delivered with customize printing.

New! BioBag superline TM

This is a new type of biodegradable and compostable liner made from a new "Mater Bi" material. It is stronger and more flexible and specially suitable for larger bags and liners.

These bags are also certified Compostable according to EN-13432.

Always look for the original BioBag brand. Then you can be sure that you are dealing with certified compostable bags!

Retail bags.

Several bag products are now supplied in retail packs which are bar coded according to European standards. The products are ready for the shelves and are boxed in retail packs that are selling well. This is what the customer needs for the "kitchen caddy"; compostable and biodegradable bags in a small roll - not a pile of paper bags that loose integrity when wet.

We do also recommend the MaxAir baskets instead of the closed caddies because:

  • They don't smell
  • The bags last longer (1-2 bags per week compared to 3-4 bags a week)
  • Everyone saves money: and it's beneficial to the environment!