BioAgri is a 100% biodegradable and compostable agricultural film. The same machines can be used to apply BioAgri film as are used to lay conventional LDPE film. The film is applied either in connection with or before sowing. After harvesting, the film is ploughed into the soil where it breaks down, enriches the soil with organic matter and disappears before next year's sowing.

The main purposes of agricultural film are:

The volume of waste from the quantities of polyethylene film used for agriculture is a major problem today. Farmers spend unnecessary amounts of time and money gathering in PE film and then disposing of it.
The possibility of using biodegradable film which does not need to be removed after the end of the growing season has several positive aspects:

The agricultural films can be supplied in various thickness, color and width.

BioAgri is DEBIO-certified: Comply with EU requirements for use in organic agriculture!

Certified compostable
DIN V 54900

Comply with EU requirements for use in organic agriculture

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Are you using Polyethylene film now -

Why not make trial with the biodegradable "BioAgri" film this year?

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Biodegradable Agricultural Film

Can reduce cost and improve productivity in agriculture!