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Portable chemical free toilet

-with made to fit biodegradable bags.
A simple, hygienic and user friendly system,
easy to bring, compact to store, light to carry!

Product information: This portable and chemical free toilet system was developed in cooperation with the Norwegian armed forces to meet the strictest criteria for hygiene, quality, function and environmental performance.

This toilet system does NOT require water or chemicals. This portable toilet provides a ”fresh bowl” every time: the biodegradable bag especially designed for the portable toilet is simply pulled over to cover the entire seat. After use, the biodegradable bags should be knotted for collection / disposal. This allows easy handling of waste, no need to slop out and clean a receptacle, and elimination of smell and insect contamination problems. Scientific tests prove that the biodegradable starch based bag material also prevents virus, bacteria and other pathogens from passing through, further reducing the health risk of handling compared to other systems. As the biodegradable bags are 100% compostable (Certified EN-13432 ) they can be treated with sewer sludge without being emptied. Alternatively they can be disposed of in the same way as nappies.

The portable field toilet weighs only 1.9 kg and is easy to set up (just click into place) and easy to fold away (for storage and transport if required).

This toilet system is ideal for camping, expeditions and other situations where toilet facilities are limited (have you ever been at an event where you have to "queue up for ages" to get in to a smelly an disgusting toilet cabin without paper and "yuck" all over the seat?). Why not have your own toilet in the tent, or caravan when you go to the big events like the "Glastonbury festival", "T in the Park" or Highland games? Avoid queuing for the dreaded "Portaloo" (or for "emergency relief" as one of our customers expressed it!).

Our toilet system is also ideal for rescue and relief operations where sanitary facilities are not available (e.g. earth quakes) and can significantly improve the hygienic conditions and reduce the risk of spreading of diseases.

Technical information on the BioToi :
Dimensions when folded: 340 x 550 x 100 mm (13 3/8 x 21 5/8 x 4 in.)
Dimensions when set up: 340 x 435 x 425 mm (13 3/8 x 17 1/8 x 16 3/4 in.)
Weight: 1.9 kg (4 lb 3 oz.)
Material: PE HD (recyclable)

You can buy your toilet directly from Green Options Ltd

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Wholesale logistic information.

Prod. No. Product Units / rolls per carton Cartons per pallet Units / rolls per Pallet
956015 Portable toilet in PE carrier bag:1 BioToi portable toilet, 1 roll of BioBag Toilet (187008)
187008 BioBag Toilet, rolls of 8 bags in outer bag and carton /consumer)