What can I compost in my home composter?


If you have an ordinary compost bin, yard wastes such as leaves, grass clippings and weeds will make excellent compost. Fruit and vegetable scraps, plus food wastes such as coffee grounds, tea bags, and eggs shells, can also be composted. To keep animals and odors out of your pile, do not add meat, bones, fatty food wastes (such as cheese, grease and oils), dog and cat litter, and diseased plants. Do not add invasive weeds and weeds that have gone to seed to the pile. See also our links for composting .

Several councils in UK have now distributed a "Green Cone" to their householders. The "Green cone" can be used for the food waste, but should not be used for garden waste. The Green Cone is a "digester" and not a compost bin. The "Green Cone" need to be located on a sunny spot and will often not work well before you have added a fair amount of food waste in it. If you have problems with your "Green Cone", you could try the "Green Johanna".

The Green Johanna is an alternative to the "Green Cone". The Green Johanna is a 'Hot' composter that will compost two parts cooked or uncooked food waste (including meat, fish, bones, dairy products, vegetables and fruit) to one part garden waste and produces a rich compost all year round. However, in the winter it is recommended to insulate the unit. Special "jackets" are available, but some layers of "bubble wrap" can also be a good alternative.